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Custom Sign – Commission

Custom Sign – Commission

Back in February Mariah and I also put together a custom sign. It was for a friend who commissioned us. I’m super happy with how it turned out! Unfortunately I wasn’t consistent in taking progress photos. So sorry about that.

The first thing we did was to laser cut the text out of acrylic. We then spray painted them semi gloss black.

Here is a little jump in the progress photos. Below what you are seeing is a 64″ length piece of walnut. I used pine on the back to create a french cleat system. It lifts the walnut away from the wall by about 1/2″. The french cleat frame was then attached with dual screws and wood glue (shouldn’t be going anywhere). Masking tape was then use to protect the walnut for the paint.

Below you can see the frame has been painted and the masking tape removed. This hides the pine as well as makes the back look a little more finished.

In this image the walnut has been sanded and lacquered. It is now ready for the text! Because I am a perfectionist (woe is me), I used measurements from my .ai file to get the placements as accurate as possible.

Here the text has been fixed into place using epoxy. And the final step of waxing is complete. I am extremely pleased with how this project turned out!

Here is the sign in it’s new home! Thank you Kelly for the amazing project. Mariah and I had a blast making it!

Jeremiah Hatfield

I am an Ambassador of Christ and husband to my beautiful wife, Mariah. Secondly to those things I am also a maker and an artist.

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